Laura Cooperman received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2006. While at MICA she was accepted into the New York Studio Program in New York City, where in addition to her studies, she worked as an artist assistant for Nancy Spero and Alan Sonfist. Following graduation, Laura was awarded the Grainger Marburg Travel Grant, which led to her residency at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing China to study the effects of the 2008 olympics on the city's urban environment.

In 2011 Laura won the Creative Workforce Fellowship and studied the effects of the housing crisis in Cleveland, Ohio which culminated the same year in an exhibition at Baldwin Wallace University. Laura's drawings and installations depict the transformation of architectural landscapes. Through the amalgamation of these sites, Cooperman references the loss of localized meaning in our contemporary world. Traditional textile designs, architectural elements, wild vegetation and commercial products from different cultures find themselves pieced together in a new environment with new meaning and purpose attached.

Laura has exhibited both nationally and internationally at venues such as The Manchester Art Gallery in the UK, Lesley Heller Workspace in New York City, and The Center For Emerging Visual Artists in Philadelphia. Awards include the Creative Workforce Fellowship, the Grainger Marburg Travel Grant, and the Winifred M. Gordon International Award. She has been included in publications such as Perfect Paper, Choosing and Using Paper, Handmade 3D and The Paper Engineering Handbook.